Saturday, 17 February 2018

Wedding Fever In The Air

Well not one royal wedding this year but TWO.
I'm sure the royal brides to be are very busy with their plans and preparations for the big day as are the brides getting married this year.
I am getting ready to launch my new bridal and wedding hat selections in the shop.
So if you are getting married or attending a wedding you might like to pop into the shop at 56 Market Street in Hebden Bridge on Sat 17th March between 11am and 2pm.
There will be Cakes, flowers from Simply by Arrangement, dress ideas from a talented new dress designer Leah Toppham, wedding jewellery from jeweller Rachel Lucie , wedding photography display from Toast Of Leeds and of course hats and head wear ready to try on.
I can also help mother of the bride or groom with colour and dress ideas before going to purchase your outfit as this can be a daunting thing when you are not sure where to start.
We will be serving hot drinks and you can taste delicious cakes form The Kind Cake Co who bake cakes here in town with many baking options including fabulous vegan cakes.
Ask as many questions as you like and build up your ideas from the talented folks available.
I've been taking several orders for the Palace this week some for the garden party and others for the investitures like O.B.E. etc very exciting.
So if you want to come along on the 17th but have a few questions beforehand please feel free to call me on 01422 618322. Chrissie x


Friday, 26 January 2018

Dear January

Hello how has your January been so far? It's good to be back at work and getting on with all the new seasons work. After we were all struck down with the flu over Christmas it has taken us a while to get some energy back and in the swing of things but we are just about there !
So last weekend there was a Christmas present visit to Harry Potter World and as I knew only the basics of the story I really didn't know what to expect.
What an amazing place it is showcasing the talent of so many makers from woodwork, metalwork and of course costumes and hats.
There was a whole section of millinery as well as costumes and other fabric items. 
I was particularly blown away by the tapestries which were enormous !
It was a brilliant day out and I definitely recommend it as there is something for everybody.
Back in the shop I am working on wedding wear for the up coming wedding season and a wedding fair at Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags just outside Hebden Bridge on March Sunday 18th.
It's owned by The National Trust and is a really beautiful spot.

My other news is that I've decided to not have a website anymore as it's so much work on top of all my making and general business duties and instead I shall post items for sale on my blog so you will be able to buy online just in a different way.
Possibly a small post of things for sale each Friday afternoon or something along those lines.
What does everyone think of the general idea ?

However when you search for me on google etc there will be a page with my details and a link to send me an e mail or visit my blog, instagram, pinterest or facebook pages so I won't disappear all together.

Chrissie x

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