Friday, 23 June 2017

Long Lazy Summer Days

Well Summer has officially begun so we should be looking forward to holidays and sunshine.
With that in mind I have now got a lovely selection of roll up ladies Panama hats with are as soft as butter and roll up inside a strong tube or you can make your own with a piece of card. 
Brilliant for going away, walking or in the garden.
Ascot this week with ladies day yesterday. I wonder if my ladies had any winners ? Always a hat lovers delight to watch the round up of fashion at the end of the week.
Lots of flowers out at the moment including dock weed and seed heads which I just love.
The little piece at the top of the post is a lovely stiffened lace with pearls on a black straw disc bound in pink silk to match a dress for a wedding. So pretty and delicate looking yet actually quite robust as it's wired to keep it's shape.
That bright pink hat has had a second piece in navy blue blocked I am just about start sewing it together and then trimming can begin. I will show you how it turned out next time.
Chrissie x


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Patient Leather Feathers

Hello hope everyone had a great Bank holiday weekend it's always good to get an extra day off.
I've been using a material called Jinsin which I bought from a Paris supplier a few years ago and have only used a few times.
Jinsin is a woven straw fabric which is brilliant for sculpting into wonderful shapes.
It has a warp of straw and a weft of polyester thread. This creates strong vertical lines which you can twist and shape into amazing curves.
This makes it the perfect material in my book as there's nothing I like better than a sculptural hat.

The feathers have been made from patient navy blue leather which I bought from a friend who makes bags

Ticking is another of my favourites so a bag and a holiday cap seemed to fit the bill with brown suede straps for good measure.
Alliums have been showing off the last few weeks so I took this picture as I watched them open up.
I bought myself a hydrangea for the shop doorstep as the hellebore and violas had come to the end of their season.
Still making Ascot hats but can't reveal them as yet !
Chrissie x

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Making Of A Cocktail Hat Called Mimosa

It all started with a piece of crin which is a nylon woven fabric that can be twisted into amazing shapes. I like the ability it gives you to extend the width of a smaller base making it light to wear.
After I had sprayed it pale grey I then whipped it into shape and sewed it onto a fine straw button hat which I had blocked earlier.

Next was to start adding the vintage petersham ribbon in grey with a fine black line into the spaces created by the swirls.
Once I was happy with the overall effect I then added a sprinkle of lovely dark grey pearls at the front and a few around the central back.

That left the lining to cut and make and sew into the hat, adding the hat elastic and a little teal braid as an added extra or surprise on the inside. I decided to choose a simple grey cotton lining for this piece.

Now it was just a matter of naming the little hat and of course I though of  a cocktail.
'Mimosa' is now sitting in the shop waiting to be chosen for her first outing. I'm sure she will be whisked off to somewhere glamorous very soon.

Chrissie x


Saturday, 29 April 2017

New Look For The Blog

Sorry for the distinct lack of blog posts over the last few weeks.
As you can see I've been working on changing the look of the blog. There's more to do and it will change again shortly with images from photo shoots and pictures of the shop. It's always great to have a change and freshen up your presence I think.

Weddings are now part of our main bulk of work with brides and mother of the brides / grooms popping in with glorious outfits ready to have a bespoke hat made to finish their look.

We've been blocking like mad to make all sorts of shapes and styles all of which will appear on the blog very soon.

So if you are off to a wedding and need advice of where to start looking / planning or shopping for your outfit drop into the shop or give us a call and we'll gladly help.

I will have been re opened a year since the shop was flooded shortly, can't believe it's gone so fast !
So if you've not had chance to visit you'll be quite surprised when to get here.

Chrissie x

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